Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Prince of Precaution: big Tim's little monster

The much anticipated book by geologist Marc Hendrickx is now in pre-press!
ISBN 978-0-9805943-2-4

Big Tim is the Prince of Precaution. He has seen an Angry Green Warty monster in the cave off Mint Fry Lane. He rushes back to town to warn everyone. After hearing Prince Tim's hair raising description the townsfolk drop everything to help rid the kingdom of the beast. They prepare for the battle through the harsh winter and eventually they are ready. As they approach the cave to confront the beast they realise it's not quite what they expect it to be. It seems that Big Tim has some explaining to do.

To reserve your copy contact Little Skeptics Press on: littleskepticspress@gmail.com
Special preview price $17.50 AUD plus postage
Some sample pages

VIDEO PREVIEW-view the whole book before you buy!

Prudence rather than precaution unfettered by reason should be exercised in determining a policy response to the hypothesis of dangerous anthropogenic global warming. More pressing social and environmental problems are being lost in the haze as we continue to be distracted by carbon dioxide. Its time our children heard another side of the argument.

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