Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prince of Precaution on ABC unleashed

For a short time you can add your own comments about The Prince of Precaution at the ABC unleashed site here:
How they managed to take a 2Mb video file and turn it into 9 Mb is beyond me! For a quicker download the video is also available on You Tube HERE

Thanks to Kevin Rudd's stimulus package a limited number of professionally printed copies in brilliant colour are available for $17.50 plus postage ($2.50 in Australia-regular). See if you can recognise the attendees of the AGWMonster 2020! Who are the spineless bureaucrats? What's hiding in the bushes? These questions answered and more.
Thanks Kev!

Also available after easter 2009 are newly printed versions of "We're not scared anymore Mr Gore-Special edition". Also $17.50. (Thanks again Mr Rudd!)

Special combo offer - If you order the Prince with Mr Gore postage is free.
Savings are also available for bulk orders (>50)-send queries to

Payment through PAYPAL ONLY.
Send money through paypal to Include mailing instructions and you can expect Mr Gore and/or Prince Tim blubbering at your door in no time.
Note that the cost just covers my expenses. If anyone is inclined to donate or buy the movie rights for many many 1000's of dollars please do!

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