Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NSW mini budget a farce!

With the Mini budget a farce it appears New South Wales are set to endure another 2 years of torture at the hands of the NSW ALP as they squander more opportunity and sell off more assets to support a collapsing balance sheet to protect an irrelevant AAA credit rating. We do not ask that much of our leaders but we do require that they have a modicum of competence, integrity and a basic understanding of the role that governments play in making things better for their constituents. NSW ALP simply do not understand these basics and looking back at the scant legacy of former leaders Carr and Iemma it is clear that they never did. The sad thing is that we have yet to hear anything constructive from the opposition who have also had plenty of time to built an alternative vision for the state. Given the wasted landscape painted by the ALP this should be a walk in the park for the Barry O’Farrell and yet all he has to show us after 12 years is a blank canvas. It's about time Barry started painting!

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